Mean girls

Bullies and mean people are everywhere, breathing and moving as we speak. There is no stopping them, or is there? A nasty comeback, a snide response can damn well shut them up. I read this weeks challenge and thought to myself this is the perfect opportunity to have my snide comeback. I have had a number of situations when I came up with a brilliant, non-responsive comebacks and sadly all of them were at least two hours after I was stunned into silence. So this is a perfect opportunity to satiate my years of frustration.

This particular incident is freshly embossed in my memory. It was my graduation day. Finally my educational journey was ending in this blissfully liberation ceremony. I was no longer going to be treated as a dunce by my professors, I was suddenly a celebrated student of a prestigious school, ready to dive into a professional world where probably my manager would treat me like a dunce. Nonetheless, the feeling was of sweet escape. My last semester was particularly grueling and without much grooming. I was looking forward to celebrating myself – I like to do that occasionally – self-gratification is the best boost for self-confidence.  And then finally the day of my graduation dawned!

I love to dress up and its a very personal experience for me, truly a feel good factor. I dressed in a nice black dress and wore the winged liner with a berry lip color. At this point I was feeling quite pretty further validated by the adulation from my boyfriend. I reached the event centre where the ceremony was to be held and at this point with the flattery from my friends I was feeling pretty damned good about myself.

I worked on a group project in one of my early semesters and had the unfortunate opportunity to work with the “mean girls”. They were the know-it-all, condescending category of people who fall in the class of people I don’t particularly consider classy. Well, I was about to strut on to the podium for the group photo when I had the misfortune of crossing the mean girls. I heard a comment floating from one of them, “Woah you are wearing makeup today! Is anything left at home?” I was so shocked and taken aback. I was not expecting immaturity at a Master’s graduation ceremony. But I was mistaken and my lame attempt at the comeback made it the comment eve more bitter. I said, “Looks like you didn’t wear any. Too bad for you!” That did not even make any sense as the “mean girls” in my case were two giggling guys. What I should have said was, “Oh I am sure you haven’t seen any girls who do wear make up!” or “I can understand, you clearly don’t have girls hanging around you long enough to wear make up!”

Just writing these here and imagining their reactions is enough for me. I guess on some level I don’t like to come up with these kind of comebacks. Whenever I have been successful at a comeback it has bothered me more than them. So all in all this worked out perfectly!

This post was inspired from this link Hindsight is 20-20

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