Made For Each Other – That Awkward Moment When…. (Part – 4)

Read the links below, they are the previous parts to this story.

Preeti almost bumped into Sid. She was all flustered and he could see panic in her eyes, which slowly turned into comprehension and before he knew it she raised herself on tip toes and gave him a peck on his cheek. “It was barely few minutes since the plane landed and she already picked up some French habits”, he thought utterly confused. They had not even held hands since they got married, why would she suddenly kiss him? Now it was his turn to panic.

Sid’s greatest fear had come true. He had hoped to keep his marriage uncomplicated till he figured out what had happened to him since he came to Paris. This was love, this was passion that was lacking from his life all these years.The transition that had taken place in his life in just a few days had shattered all his presumptions, prejudices and predictions about how his life would turn out. He was in love finally. After having years of his life being followed, fantasized and even stalked by many girls, he had finally fallen for her. Since the moment he laid his eyes on her perfect marble skin, he knew he wanted her.

Sid was attracted to every part of her – the full lips, blushing cheeks, deep blue eyes and above all, her voluptuous body. He had music blasting his ears, the song playing was  Paradise by Coldplay and indeed he was in paradise because he was definitely looking at an angel. Looking away from her was the hardest thing he ever had to do. But he had to look away if he did not want to be beat up in a foreign country. The woman he was looking at had gracefully risen from her seat and was enraged making her beauty even more desirable. She approached Sid and started firing him in her mellifluous French. Sid did not know how he should tell her what he was feeling. All he wanted to do was to compliment her impeccable beauty, just a silent, harmless observer.

Finally he had managed to convey to her what he wanted from her and surprisingly she had accepted his harmless request. On their very first encounter both of them were nervous, it was their first time after all. Never before had they been a part of something so platonic, so divine. With her help Sid had managed to find a nice loft with a spectacular view. Every day he would have a different setup for them. Sometimes everything was scarlet, sometimes filled with barrels while some other times completely lit with candles.

The days had gone by quickly and he had almost forgotten that his wife was about to join him for their honeymoon. The very thought of losing what he had recently found sent him into a panic attack. He definitely owed an explanation to Preeti and that was the scariest part. All he could do was hope that she would not be too invested in their marriage.

On the night of their wedding Preeti and Sid had decided to just be friends and figure out what they wanted from their lives. They had also decided that if either one of them fell in love or even had a crush on anyone else, they would be supportive and let the other person go. But what was happening definitely did not qualify any of their terms. Sid was going to tell Preeti everything and come clean about this quirky affair he had been having, till she kissed him on the airport.

The cab ride back to their hotel was mostly uneventful, except for Sid’s mind which was in an emotional roller coaster. His head was hurting really badly and he felt nauseous. He was just praying that Preeti was not attracted to him in any way. He knew only one thing could calm him now. He punched a few keys on his cell phone “See you in 15” and pressed send. He made a really lame, unconvincing excuse to Preeti and set out towards the loft. He entered the loft, and there she was. “Strip”, he said to her.



  1. Indru · October 13, 2012


  2. SLR - See Love Remember · October 14, 2012

    Counting down for the next chapter…! 🙂

  3. pseudomonaz · October 18, 2012

    your writing made me read all the four parts… waiting for the next one..

  4. Deepak · April 8, 2013

    Next, Next, Next, Next … *whole crowd is shouting* 😛

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