Zomato Restaurant Guide 2012 – Review

In addition to being a photographolic I am also a foodoholic (both terms coined by me, thank you very much!) I got one more book in the mail from blogadda and boy was I thrilled! I quickly flipped through the book and at first glance I saw a lot of potential, in the book as well as for my future visits to places 😉 The pictures are attractive and the index is innovatively done.

Taken from the internet

When I started thinking, however, about reviewing the book a lot of things were uncovered. It is really challenging to write about such books. I feel rather than reviewing the quality, the actual use of these guides is more helpful. Technology today is the cog-wheel of our lives without which we cannot move forward. Everyone owns either a smart phone or tab or laptop or desktop or has access to the internet in some form or the other. In recent past, Zomato website is become completely viral, surpassing the previously beloved restaurant site. The search is fantastic and every restaurant gives precise information about the cuisine, menu, price range and most importantly user reviews along with photographs and upcoming events.

The Zomato restaurant guide is basically just a brief summary of the website, sans the user reviews and menu cards. The indexing is fine, however there’s no search functionality on which you can get cracking. If the guide would had offered something apart from the site, it would be a great steal. For example, if it highlighted the backstage elements of why the restaurant is a hit, or some brief history about the evolution of the restaurant, or interviews with the chefs it would had definitely been attention seeking.  Except the look and feel of the book there is nothing which is impressive.

So in case, you are on a techfast, in an area in Pune where you have no access to the internet in any form or just a pure rebel who would not like to do something just because everyone else is doing it, then by all means have the Zomato guide handy. For all the rest of you normal folks, just log on to the severely cool Zomato website and eat, drink and groove.

Zomato restaurant guide 2012 was reviewed for Blogadda under the sponsored book review program.


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  1. The Blissful Adventurer · July 21, 2012

    this is a cool publication

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