Weekly Photo Challenge : Fleeting moment




These moments flitted right in front of my eyes and this is just my attempt to catch them. Looking at each of them makes me wonder what thoughts must be flitting across their minds.

With that said I hope my disappearance was also a fleeting moment 🙂
I am sure you will see more of me.



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  2. Shine K Koyyakande · July 3, 2012

    🙂 nice…

  3. yoganand barve · July 3, 2012

    Loved the first one most. Also, first two snaps depicts the “IT sector (industry) and agriculture which are driving Indian economy!! 🙂

  4. Cardinal Guzman · July 3, 2012

    Cool. I love panning technique.

    • ThoughtsUnrestricted · July 4, 2012

      Me too…. I had unbelievable fun clicking these…
      I must have taken hundreds!

      • Cardinal Guzman · July 4, 2012

        Me too, I shot a whole bunch of these a few weeks ago. My mother-in-law wondered why I shot so many photos of cars while we were driving around. I explained to her that I practiced a photo technique, but she still couldn’t understand why I wanted to take pictures of cars.

  5. xs2rahulz · July 4, 2012

    reality gets louder aint it

  6. indrub · July 4, 2012

    Baghtoy Rickshyawala……..!!!

  7. The Retiring Sort · July 5, 2012

    I love the progression of these shots!

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