Made for each other – journey begins (Part 3)

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Few days had passed after the god forsaken wedding and now it was the time for the most dreaded honeymoon. Since the past few days Preeti had been smoking quite often just because of the anxiety and the anticipation of the coming fortnight. A normal newlywed bride would also be anxious and would definitely be in anticipation of spending a romantic fortnight in the mesmerizing city of Paris. Even Preeti would, but with the person she loved. But alas, life’s not perfect.

Days passed like whirlwind and before she knew it, Preeti was lugging her zebra printed bag, packed with skimpy clothes and negligees that she was forced to take along. Her sisters had simply refused to let her go without them, but she had secretly managed to smuggle some comfy jeans and plain tees in her cabin bag. She went through security check and then finally boarded the flight in a stupor. It wasn’t until the plane was about to take off that she realized his presence on the seat next to hers. She suddenly broke into a nervous sweat. He glanced at her and said, “If you are nervous about the take off you can hold my hand. Believe me it will help”. She threw him a dirty glance but it was already lost on him. He had closed his eyes and was leaning against the headrest.  She let him be and went back into her stupor.

The flight took off after the insipid demonstrations by the flight attendants. It was sometime before Preeti snapped out of her slumber. Suddenly she became aware that her long, slender fingers were entwined with his strong, stubby fingers, engulfing  her cold hand in a cozy warmth. She quickly drew her hand back and was thankful that she had the window seat, because anyone who caught the expressions on her face would read them like an open book . He simply grunted something and turned his back to her but not before murmuring something. She just caught some random jargon and decided to ignore it. She composed herself and opened her dog-eared book, tucked the bookmark towards the last few pages and buried her head into her happy place thinking, “Oh, it’s going to be a long flight!”

Preeti was still deeply pouring over her book when suddenly he said to her, “I love the way you pout when you concentrate so hard. You have no idea what a ravishing sight you make. You should see yourself the way I do sometime.” He put on his speakers with music blasting so loud that atleast five people around him could hear it, while Preeti was left gaping at him. She was completely stunned by his disarmingly charming recklessness. Wait! Did she just think he was charming? And why couldn’t she get those deep brown smiling eyes out of her mind? She shuddered at the mere thought of the somersaults that the butterflies in her stomach were performing . She pulled her sleep mask over her eyes and popped the ear plugs and slept through the remainder of the flight.

When she got up they were about to land and she could feel his stare burning into her side. She was exercising her control with all the will power she could muster. She cannot get any kind of feelings for him. Not now. She quickly gathered up her stuff and got out of the flight and started making her way towards the immigration. She hurried from there to get her luggage and luckily for her she spotted her bag and could not wait to get her hands on it. She grabbed her bag from the conveyor belt and started moving aimlessly too afraid to even look back over her shoulder. Out of nowhere she breathed in that familiar smell of the expensive cologne. Preeti stopped dead in her tracks and looked up and caught herself staring into his light brown eyes with a tinge of green. She had her heart in her throat and her husband, Sid, in front of her. He had come to pick her up at the Charles De Gaulle Airport. Seconds dragged on and they kept staring at each other not knowing what they should do next.

To be continued….


Today I felt tall, glorified. I literally felt tall, as in on cloud number nine or seventh heaven. I did not feel above all, just felt elevated with elation. I got to shoot a lot of pictures, technically more than aesthetically. And it was passion I had never felt before. It is safe to say I found my calling! To pictorially represent how I felt, here goes.