Summer To-Do’s

Summer is ushered in by children all around the world with open arms because nothing can say vacations better than summer! But that also means locked in afternoons by over protective mothers (from the children’s point of view not mine 🙂 ) to save their kids from the harsh sun. My mother too, fit in this league. I did not mind much because I got to do all the things I loved and that too with permission and no time limit!

The best part about summer was all my cousins visiting and endless hours of board games, dumb charades, playing cards and my favorite of all carom (we recreated some magic this year too *wink*).

I also got out my pastels and spent incalculable hours filling color into the lives of animals, birds and even princesses. That is unlike me, but I used to love coloring the princesses simple because I could use a lot of shades (lacked the feminine side a little bit 😉 ).

Every year after the final exam and just at the beginning of the summer vacation by mother used to take me to Crosswords to pick up books – again without any limit. That was the part I looked forward to the most. Especially because the Harry Potter books used to release every year and my heart used to leap with joy. I can still read the entire series tirelessly.

And at last but definitely not the least, to make all these activities bearable in the sultry heat, tumblers filled with chilled drinks kept me the best company.