It’s your move, Wordfreak!

Monday blues are a very real thing. This Monday, I too was suffering from a severe case of Monday Blues. I dragged myself home and waiting on the breakfast table was a dirty pastel green colored courier package and surprisingly it was addressed to me. I tore it open with anticipation and to my delight found Sunshine in the package. It was a bright yellow covered book – It’s your move, Wordfreak. I love reading books and receiving a brand new, sparkling book was like my oasis on this balmy day.I started reading this book and that day I did not turn on my laptop at all. I hurried through dinner and couldn’t wait to get my hands back on the book. After a long time, I came across a book which had me hooked onto it and I couldn’t stop reading it.

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The plot of the book is very simple, boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, they break up for a while and get back together. The girl and the boy in question are Alisha Menon and Aryan Chawla. Alisha Menon is a child of divorced and a successful divorce lawyer herself. She is a head strong, sorted South Indian girl whose beauty lies in her stark simplicity. She is a border line feminist and is surrounded by equally strong, independent women including her mentor, her mother and her crazy model best friend. Aryan Chawla is a rich and quite in demand architect surrounded by a loving family. But he is also surrounded by an aura of a dark secret.

A flirty game of scrabble on some online gaming website plunges Alisha and Aryan into an emotional roller coaster called love. What starts as just a blind date quickly becomes infatuation, blooming into subtle shades of love, turning into burning passion which neither one of them have ever experienced. This rosy romance quickly turns into a tornado of  insecurities due to some unfortunate event with Alisha’s court case and exposes the threats that their relationship faces. Alisha being elder to Aryan and slightly more mature in some ways has different expectations from him, but Aryan being a complicated person finds it hard to live upto them. Will thy make it work? Off course they do and no this is not a spoiler. How they make this work is however interesting to find out.

The story is quite predictable, however, the romantic endeavors between the two, the moments of passionate love making and the endearing puppy love is a fun read indeed. There are some parts that had me flinching though. The use of a few phrases one too many times was a little unsettling for me. The frequent use of the word bloody really made me raise my eyebrows. Save for that, it is a very enjoyable read especially if you are knight-in-shining-armor-sweep-me-off-my-feet type of a person. There were some phrases in the book that literally had me applauding Falguni Kothari for her command on impeccably pin pointing the intricacies of our psyche. My favorite phrase was –

“The anonymity that type of communication afforded had given them a false sense of security and an unreal level of comfort.”

This was about their virtual friendship and this one sentence hit the bull’s eye. It literally summarized any online, virtual relationship.

All in all this book is a gripping read and very enjoyable almost like reading a movie (yes I did imagine few cheesy dates with Aryan myself 😉 ). Iit can be correctly labelled as a modern day fairy tale.

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