Fur n Feather

I was recently challenged to write a story based on photos I have already uploaded on my blog and here goes –

If you walk down the long passages around Diwan – e – Aam (House of Commons) of the Agra fort, you are bound to see very weird sights. The most intriguing would have to be this – a small, adorable squirrel, unafraid of being so close to people, playfully leaping and running around him, only resting for just a split second to nibble on some peanuts in his hand. That was how Prakash earns his living. He charges the tourists for this absolutely mundane yet interesting profession, where he lets the tourists play with the tame, pet squirrel.

The way every pet feels at some point of time, Squirrely too wanted to wander around and see the world beyond the red walls. She especially wanted to see how the Sun looked from other places. One day she ran away from Prakash and wandered through the maze of corridors of the fort.

Suddenly she was outside the fort, running through the wall, when she heard a cackling, gurgle-like laughter. That was when she noticed the two pigeons sitting in the niches of the wall.

Squirrely requested them to fly her to places she had never seen. The two pigeons, Pidge and Geon, thmselves having never left Agra and charmed by little Squirrely’s cuteness, agreed to embark upon the journey. All three of them decided to meet at the lamp-post around the corner the next day.

They began their journey and for Squirrely they seemed to be moving at blurring pace and everything below looked like a distortion of colors.

They had traveled far and wide and finally decided to wait to replenish, just a splash of water and a dash of food and they would be ready to go. They were sipping some water from a barrel near the pani puri stall, when the kind bhaiyya laid out a delectable pani puri for them.

Completely refreshed and heartily fulfilled, the three of them continued their journey beautifully picturesque  landscapes. All of a sudden, Squirrely spotted something gleaming in the Sun, so they swooped down to take a closer look. They were completely mesmerized at  what they were looking at. Right in front of them, gleaming in all its glory, was the personification of Sun. This totally fit the purpose with which Squirrely had left home.

In its glory

After accomplishing her mission and thoroughly having a great time, Squirrely returned to her humble abode and lived happily ever after.



  1. Indolent Insomniac · May 4, 2012

    HAHAHA!!!! A story of a squirrel wanting to see more than the Red Fort!! Cute, Innovative and needs a hell lot of courage to post something like that!!
    And I must say, you lived up to your challenge! 😉 Amazingly Done!! 😛

  2. xs2rahulz · May 4, 2012

    Nicely done !

  3. conservingquirky · May 4, 2012

    haha…v cool!!! loving your written posts as well..keep em coming!

  4. indru · May 4, 2012

    Nice storyboarding…..!!!

  5. if i ever cross your mind · May 15, 2012

    Ha ha ha. I liked this. A different way of writing 🙂

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