Made for each other (?)

Disclaimers : To really understand this post, you will have to know this one.

Preeti, 23 years old, armed with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Preeti, like the homonym of her name, is a pretty girl with a very adorable dimpled smile and laughing eyes. She has a lot of friends, is a decent student and loves her books. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and is a daddy’s girl. Sounds very typical bubbly, girl-next-door, does she? Well, she also has a dark side, not so much dark as quirky. She likes to party once in a while and when I say party I mean you are in for a roller coaster of crazy adventures. When the pressure really gets to her, she sneaks up to the rooftop for a quiet smoke. And despite strict restrictions from her father, she has a well concealed tattoo.

Pammi auntie runs a marriage bureau – you heard it right, a bureau for eligible suitors – and she always keeps an eye out for possible matches, in short ka-ching! Pammi auntie is quite ‘inquisitive’ by nature, you could say its a talent and she has an eye out for ‘Matches made in Heaven’ – not the cliched idiom, that’s the name of her marriage bureau. As soon as she saw Preeti at her cousin’s wedding she became dreamy-eyed and only one face floated around her as if she was love struck – Siddharth. Pammi auntie rushed to Sid’s place immediately the next day, dragging her heavy body up the 12 steps, panting and gasping, barely getting the words out to Sid’s mom. ‘Ting’! A sparkle in Sid’s mom’s eye and she rushed to his dad. What better day than Sid’s birthday to bring up this topic?

The news traveled fast to Preeti’s house and her parents were delighted with the proposal. Everything was almost fixed save for Preeti’s go-ahead. The problem was, Preeti knew this day would come and quite soon, but no matter when it came she was not ready for it. Little did she know how headstrong and unprepared for marriage she was till her dad came to talk to her that night. She was completely engrossed in reading “The Great Gatsby”, fascinated by the wonderfully complex psyches of the different characters when her dad knocked softly on the door. After he entered, there was yelling, bouts of anger, spell of tears, sappy hugs, anger again and a topping of subtle emotional blackmail and her dad emerged a winner. These discussions can never be pleasant or easy even. But somehow at the end of it all, she ended up agreeing to marry Sid. Besides he was about OK to look at too.

It was 2 am in the morning, the night was still and the moon was casting an eerie glow. She sneaked to her usual get-away with her box of treasures and a light. She was enjoying her smoke after the absolutely nerve wrecking 3 hours when a gleam caught her eye. Puzzled, she opened her half-open box of treasures. She pulled out the shiny object and started weeping uncontrollably. It was her favorite butterfly headband. She had completely lost touch with herself, what she had just agreed to suddenly sank in. How could she be already getting married? It was surreal, unnatural. She could not explain even to herself what emotional turmoil her heart and mind were going through. But she wiped her eyes with conviction, gathered her booty and climbed back into her room. That night she slept peacefully.

Preeti was getting ready for her wedding. The day had arrived and she hadn’t realized how 6 months had already passed. She knew what needed to be done, but she was only dreading her wedding night. She was hyperventilating and under a lot of pressure but she could not even sneak out for a quick smoke in her wedding dress! She just decided to handle the situation with the flow. Four hours later Preeti was married and was effectively ‘Mrs. Sid’! Oh, the horror! Alone in Sid’s room she was jumping at every small squeak, rustle and click without realizing that all these sounds were made by her. But this was some unusual sound, someone was coming closer, the sound was becoming louder and louder. She was in a cold sweat and couldn’t bear the thought of what was in store for her. Suddenly a loud revving noise came to her and she rushed to the window. What she saw, she could never have imagined. There he was zooming away on a monster of a bike. Her face suddenly brightened all over with a huge smile and she crashed on the bed. She was fast asleep and drooling as soon as her head hit the pillow.


(To be continued… )



  1. indru · April 24, 2012

    Dark side, not so much dark as quirky…. interesting…!!! and
    quick smoke eh..!!!…nice,gripping story…;)

  2. conservingquirky · April 25, 2012

    building up…love it!!! love ‘preeti’!!!

  3. conservingquirky · April 25, 2012

    but shes just 23!!! scary! 😛

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  6. indianhumor · May 13, 2014

    I like where this is going… Nice! 🙂

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