Insatiable Desire

I agree the title can be (very) misleading, but here I am talking about something I cannot resist! Pani Puri! Its the most famous, sumptuous, delicious street food of India. In India there are a lot of genres of street food and the most common would be Chaat. Chaat is mainly spicy with a dash of sweetness and a splash of tanginess. The spice is mainly chilies, the sweetness comes from jaggery or sugar or curd and the tanginess is mostly tamarind. Weird as it may sound it is literally heaven in your mouth and a treat for your taste-buds.

I stay in this beautiful city of Pune, where every person who wanders the street (mostly breaking some or the other traffic rule – may or may not be just another stereotype 😉 ) is a big foodie. I am not at all ashamed to admit that I am one of these big foodies. If you are staying in Pune and want to do a flourishing business, I would suggest definitely invest in a cafe/eatery/ restaurant/ restobar/  lounge/ or even a stall. Be completely assured it will never put you in a loss (might be another stereotype, but I believe stereotypes are born from the most popular!).

I take this road every day to work (is called the canal road) and as you can see in the picture below, its beautiful with a canopy of trees.


As soon as you turn this curb you will see this small shed covered with curtains. Any person seeing this would be clueless as to what this small little corner turns into at 3 pm.

After 3 pm, the curtains open and begins the noble service of a bunch of men, providing the ‘hungry’ Puneites with their outstanding plates of heavenly chaat. Whenever I have worked too much, I feel I deserve a serving and pop by this place. The name of this place is ‘Kalyan Bhel’ – Kalyan means (aptly) blessed and bhel is the name of one of the dishes. As you start nearing this small kiosk, smell of freshly cut onions and coriander come wafting towards you and suddenly you have no control over your saliva. Pani Puri is my favorite dish and it has never failed to light my face up. I just cannot stop smiling after I have had a plate of Pani Puri. By 4 pm Kalyan Bhel is swarming with people, age no barrier!

Another one of Pune’s charm is the really dry sarcastic boards that are put up. One such borad is put up at this stall too, you can see the picture below. This board is in Marathi (local language) and it says “Please bring Change”.

Here is a picture of the man sitting at the cash counter catching up on some news before he is swamped and barely can look up.

And now finally, the pictures of Pani Puri, the guy making Pani Puri, the ingredients of Pani Puri and finally me eating Pani Puri! Thank you.






  1. sonsothunder · March 3, 2012

    Looks delicious…

  2. Indrajeet · March 10, 2012

    The last snap……haha……..lai bhari……!!!

  3. · March 15, 2012

    Cool Blog! Nice effort. I loved the pani puri!

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