Waiting..and waiting some more..

This weeks theme for photo challenge – Waiting – has kind of been the theme for me for a while now.

I have not been blogging, waiting for lightning thought to strike.

I have not been planning for someone really special, waiting for things to unfold he way I want them to.

I have not been writing something important to someone, waiting for them to show their trust in me without me having to justify.

I have not been painting a sketch I have wanted since a long time, waiting for the creative juices to flow.

I have not been clicking pictures lately, waiting…..well apparently for nothing.

But now enough waiting more doing!

And on a completely different note, here are my entries for this week. I cannot explain why these photos fit for this challenge, although I know they do!





  1. sweetdaysundertheoaks · December 7, 2011

    Love your words for waiting 🙂 “I cannot explain why these photos fit for this challenge, although I know they do!” They do! I like that I can think of why these beautifully shot B&Ws work. That big beautiful tree is waiting for someone to spread a picnic under it and the bikes have brought people to visit.

    • ThoughtsUnrestricted · December 7, 2011

      thank you so much for your encouraging words 🙂
      its so amazing that you gave my pictures a story thanks a lot 🙂

  2. Maggie L R · December 7, 2011

    Waiting is often hard, especially when the outcome is not what we have imagined. I am glad you have posted these photos, the first one evokes an unusual emotion in me when I look at it. I find I am waiting.. wondering what will happen next.

    • ThoughtsUnrestricted · December 8, 2011

      “Waiting is often hard, especially when the outcome is not what we have imagined.”
      this is exactly what i meant 🙂
      I am so glad you interpreted this photo the way you did…it really does seem eerie..this is a tree right outside a temple built by my grandfather. Whenever I sit below this tree I feel serene. The way I used to with my grandpa..

  3. everydayrealsense · December 8, 2011

    Sometimes waiting give you a chance to see things in a different light. Something that upset you before, may now cause you to wonder what were you so upset about. You may gain a different insight or a different view.

  4. jakesprinter · December 8, 2011

    Excellent photo i love the way how you shot this one .

  5. 2e0mca · December 11, 2011

    I think the bicycles fit the ‘Waiting’ challenge very well.

    It can be hard to come up with photos for the challenge each time, especially if you don’t have a large archive of past work to draw upon when time presses.

    As for “I have not been blogging, waiting for lightning thought to strike.” Sometimes you just have to grind something out regardless – I have been procrastinating with my most recent report of Wigate & Finchley FC. We all hit the buffers at times – trust yourself and it will all start to flow again 🙂

    Good Blogging and hope it all comes good for you!


    • ThoughtsUnrestricted · December 12, 2011

      Hi Martin,
      Thank you so much..
      you are so right…its not even been a year since i have started photography so ya my archives are pretty shallow 🙂
      and as you can see what I have written I sure am grinding some regardless stuff 😉
      Its so nice to have made such wonderful friends like you…
      Happy blogging 😀

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