Shades of gray

Monsoon season, gloom spreads everywhere especially the gray clouds. Gray, hmmmm, very interesting.

White is mundane, black is  devious, however gray is interesting. Ever wondered why people have gray matter in their brain? Why not white or black matter to define a righteous or evil person? The reason could be that every person is morally gray, in some way or the other, at some time or the other! What our brain gets to decide however might range from a very light shade of morally gray to a very dark one.

Recently I saw a movie based on grayness of a persons character. The movie is called ‘Shaitan’ (its a Hindi word which means ‘monster’ or ‘demon’). The movie is shot in the backdrop of the young generation (in other words spoilt brats) of the elite society. In typical Hindi cheesy dialogue “Ameer baap ki bighadi aulaad”. This group of people includes Amy – a troubled teenager, KC – big shot Casanova,  Dash – charming and conniving, Zubin – a total geek looking to break free of his mundane life, Tanya – damsel in distress waiting to be saved by her knight KC but eventually ends up getting used.

The beginning of the movie is pretty much just partying and revealing the scary quirks of every character. However everyone of them reveals their gray side when they get caught in a situation and decide to stage a kidnap and decide to kidnap Amy. The shade of the gray gets darker for every character. Dash, conniving that he is, double crosses his friends. KC shifts his attention from Tanya to Amy in a heartbeat but cannot bear anyone laying hands on Tanya and ends up murdering a guy. Zubin runs away from his friends the moment he realises that they are in deep shit! Tanya uses Zubin (she knows he loves her) to escape from the mess her friends have got her into. And Amy gets high and this aggravates her mental instability and ends up murdering one of her friends.

I agree these are really DARK shades of gray, to the point of becoming completely black. But there have been so many characters in books and movies showing a morally gray side. Severus Snape from Harry Potter is one of the most striking examples. I also encountered another such character from a book that I am reading – Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. There is a character in this book called Mrs. Norris who displays all the classic qualities of a morally gray person. I also find gray areas in Dumbledore’s character. He knows that Harry will have to die in the end, still his conduct is almost like a readying a goat to be sacrificed.

Not just the fictional character, but every person has atleast some streaks of grey in their character. Eventually fiction is almost a pseudo reality, influenced from some thing or someone that’s real.

I do hope you share some of the shades of gray you noticed.


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