Weekly Photo Challenge : Refreshing | Wordy World

I love to lose myself very often, get away from this pandemonium called LIFE! And my getaway are my BOOKS!!

What I love more than anything is getting away from my life and living the life of these abstract characters so far away from me yet so close. Sometimes its going on a wild adventurous journey through the ruins with Dan Brown, sometimes its watching Hermione freaking out about Runes. Sometimes its trying to understand the not so complex but ambiguous problems of heroines from a Jane Austen novel. Sometimes its the endearing goofiness of Bertram Wooster and sometimes its the stark reality of Shantaram. The black ink on a white paper which brings these characters to life is a miracle in itself.

These are just a few characters from the long list of citizens in my wordy world. Enjoy this picture and please do let me in on your favorite characters 🙂




  1. chonamchoden · June 29, 2011

    Ah! i see Shantaram!! Loved that book to bits. 😀

    • Sheetal · June 29, 2011

      me too….I literally loved my previous copy to bits so this is a new one 😉

  2. Kamakshi · June 29, 2011

    Nice! would like to see your full collection…haven’t yet shantaram, Mumbai locals aren’t so kind yet. currently i am falling in love with Harry Clifton (Only time will tell jeff archer). But my all-time fav characters are Atticus from to kill a mocking bird and Yossarian, and his friends from catch 22 (i promise i will finish that book some day 😦 )

    • Sheetal · June 29, 2011

      oh i have started n tried to finish Catch 22 myself many times…i guess i really need to be super motivated…but ya i also promise someday i shall finish reading that book!
      And Shantaram is an absolute MUST READ!!! Seriously dont let it slip! And lemme know how u found it once u r doe 😀

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