Thanks Facebook!

Few days back everyone’s Facebook wall was filled with nothing else but some stupid spam – “Who visited your profile?” (Yeah! Now I will know whose been checking me out! (YA RITE!)  ) or something to that effect!

It reminded me of Orkut, a social network site (now obsolete! So people still holding on to their Orkut accounts please move on!) which offered a very  devious setting! The setting was “If you want to know who checked out your profile, people will also know whose profile you checked out” . This was a very mean, cruel and unfair thing to do.

I mean lets say you have a crush on this really hot guy (or whoever suits you 😉 ) and you want to see what he is up to, and by that I mean if his recent profile picture has some hot chic with him, who is NOT his sister, then there was no way of doing that. I mean without him knowing that you have an enormous crush on him because your name pops up everyday on “People who saw your profile”.

Or consider that your friend recently got hitched. Obviously all of her friends who are girls would want to know who her boyfriend is. Her single friends want to know if the guy is either not very hot or not a crush (mentioned above)  and her committed friends want to know who the guy is (no reason other than feminine curiosity 😉 ). Also, all her guy friends (who have had a crush on her, or realized in that moment that they always had a crush on her) want to know which guy ‘stole’ their (newfound) girl! The only way to get rid of this healthy jealousy is checking out this guy’s profile which is harmless and an easy solution to avoid future awkwardness!

Another scenario, a loser guy has been forever in love with the hottest girl ever (the one in the above mentioned guy’s profile picture! ).  But he does not have the guts to go and talk to her. The least he should be allowed to do is soak her beauty from her profile picture without being thought of as some cyber stalker!

But with Facebook you can do all of this and still maintain a very cool exterior. So Thanks Facebook, from all the loser guys, jealous girls and all the smitten guys and girls.

P.S. – I know Orkut is obsolete because the spell check recognizes Facebook but not Orkut! 😉



  1. indru · June 1, 2011

    All three scenarios………Perrrfeccttt….!!!!
    last line…..beyond \m/\m/…..!!!!

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