Sand in my pocket….

Whole morning I was trying hard not to think about Goa and all the awesomeness that surrounds this place. But as expected I was unsuccessful.  I was just folding my clothes n keeping them away when a few grains fell out of my shorts pocket. And off course from there began my reminiscence of a laid back, unwinding weekend!

The best thing about Goa is the rustic charm of  the simple  white churches and the breezy Portuguese style houses lined along lazy, empty streets. I was walking along one such street and on turning a bend was pleasantly surprised by this stunning white church.

This church was surrounded by a peaceful silence which was endearing after a chaotic week. The silver bell on the top and the ornate blue balcony adorned this simple white structure. As soon as we stepped inside the church all of us fell silent. I could not see the board “Please maintain silence” anywhere in the church. However the tranquility imposed the silence upon us. The silence was not forced but it was more reverent.

After this one beautiful place we visited another place on Anjuna beach. It was a shack called “Curlies”. This place was right on the beach with waves lashing almost upto the shack. The downstairs had a groovy psychedelic feel to it, with really funky graffiti on the walls which looked fluorescent in the UV lights. Also whatever on us was white, including our teeth,  looked insanely shiny against all the blackness that engulfed us. But the moment we went upstairs, it was a different world altogether. There were no walls just a sloping roof and a sea facing balcony lined with low seating. This was a place where i could sit for hours staring into the vastness of the ocean and thinking about absolutely nothing or maybe everything! Having to leave this place was really hard!

However as I was climbing down the stairs (and please remember the description of Curlies downstairs!) I stepped on a dog! Don’t read twice, you read it right the first time! Yes i stepped on a sleeping black dog whom i mistook for a step!!! The dog literally flipped out, and to such an extent that for a few seconds forgot to bark. I was scared to death and the whole time I was just praying that the dog won’t follow me! And thankfully it didn’t. I got away from this whole incident not completely without a scratch, I did get a small scratch probably the dogs nail, but I don’t blame him 🙂 . To recover from this traumatic experience off course i needed shots (no no….not tequila! I had to settle for tetanus!).

All in all I rate this trip as an absolute success! From tranquility to hilarity made Goa yet another memorable encounter.



  1. earthymind · May 17, 2011

    haha…poor dog!! i mean poor you…
    the church is really beautiful…and to ‘curlies’ we must go!!!

    • Sheetal · May 17, 2011

      you would had definitely loved the church!
      And yes “curlies” is like THE place to visit u know…its amazing…

  2. Sharada · May 18, 2011

    Very Good !!!!! Goa is amazing!!!!

    • Sheetal · May 18, 2011

      Goa is absolutely amazing!!!

  3. donsalari · May 18, 2011

    Amazing! Goa is pure fun..!
    And neat description! 🙂

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