>To My Best Friend


My Dearest Best Friend,

On your special day I cannot buy you any land, but yes, I want to dedicate this small virtual space to you with my feelings engraved on it. We have always discussed how this video and the beautiful song that goes with it perfectly epitomizes us and today too I could not find a better way to express myself.

You have a very special place in my life. If there’s one person in this whole world whom I can count on its you!
Whenever I have drifted away or lost my way you have been my anchor! You are one of the very few people who can stay true to their principles. You are strong and brave and smart and artistic and one of the humblest people I know! I want you to know that I will always be here for you. Today its your birthday, but truly more than you I am more happy because if it wasn’t for this day, 1st OF FEBRUARY, I would had been a lost soul. So thank you for being such a wonderful friend and thanks for brightening my life with your incandescent spirit. I love you….




  1. Lalitkumar Gupta · February 2, 2011

    >well crafted!

  2. bakul · February 2, 2011

    >more power to both of you darlings….!!

  3. earthymind · February 2, 2011

    >love you too sweetheart!!!!thank you so so much!!

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