>Down the memory lane…………….

>Down the memory lane”…..pretty cliched phrase, but very true I must say. I realised how literally I connected with it recently when I went to Wardha. This is the town where I spent almost all my vacations when I was in school. My grandparents used to stay here, but the don’t anymore. This year when I visited Wardha and we were driving down the small street which led to the house, it was literally a trip down the memory lane!

Wardha is a very small town which becomes a furnace in summers and yes, I have spent 10 years of summer in the furnace. But the charm of the town and more so of the house beats the heat. We have to unfortunately sell this beautiful house and this time i went with the determination to relive every memory I have had in this place. It is one of the most disconnected places where even cable television used to be a luxury. But me and my cousins created our own little world there. The Great Hall where we played transformed from an aeroplane to a house to a school to a super market and what not!

 The swing in the porch used to be transformed to a train, mostly Rajdhani Express where we have spent many evenings playing antakshari.

The flight of stairs used to be one of our best hiding places to scare the elders. We used to hide there waiting for someone to go upstairs just to see the amazingly funny expressions and the most weird yells and shouts.

 Every room, every passage, every niche in this house is filled with such unforgettable memories.

This house which once used to ring with laughter now stands still in silence. I wish whoever makes this building a house again fills it with colourful events which will one day become undying memories!



  1. Aziz · December 1, 2010

    >really well written!and lovely pics..have u clicked these? šŸ™‚

  2. Vartika · December 1, 2010

    >Beautifully written and captured!…:)

  3. Sheetal · December 1, 2010

    >thanks aziz…yes the pictures are clicked by me… :)Thank u so much vartika… šŸ™‚

  4. Bagad Baba · December 1, 2010

    >nice clicks……..!!!!

  5. Nandu · December 5, 2010

    >Titli, our four generations saw moments of joy, fun, love, care, prosperity and kept our huge family 'tree' rooted strongly in this sweet HOME. The family heads of this home… BABA and then DADA were centre of attraction and fatherly figures to every soul of our family. I remember, home management of Aaji and Ai (Maa) was so smooth and caring that our home was filled with 20 -30 people (cousins, attyas, kakas, tais, dadas, didis, mamas, mamis etc) every summer.Well, Those days are gone now. Like every one, this HOME has also to retire. Now every one of us has to create our HOMES like or rather better that WARDHA HOME and take its legacy ahead!!!

  6. chonamchoden · June 29, 2011

    i feel like i’ve been there in that house, rather i feel like i’ve lived in there. i’ve walked through those corridors barefoot with the sun on my skin, spent an entire lifetime in that room. i smell dust…nostalgic dust. Thanks for sharing this beautiful set of pictures!! šŸ™‚

    • Sheetal · June 30, 2011

      That’s so very kind of you…
      I am really glad that you could connect to this so well…This house has a lot of sentimental value for me…
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and making my day šŸ™‚

  7. Sophie L. Meunier · August 6, 2011

    The shadows on the 5th picture are amazing!!

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